How We Teach

At the NJ Ballroom Dance Center, we approach each and every student according to their individual needs, goals, and abilities. While our instruction is based on the structure and consistency of a Syllabus, your lessons will be customized and streamlined to fit with what you want out of your dancing.
As you learn each basic pattern, you are encouraged to place an emphasis on Rhythmic Movement with each basic step you take. Once you have obtained a better understanding of one basic movement, you will better understand these basics as they pertain to leading or following a partner.

We have three Elements of Instruction here at the NJ Ballroom Dance Center. Each element has a purpose and is complimentary of the other.

  • Your Private Instruction will be just you and your instructor. This is where we get to focus on the details and specifics of your progression. It is also the time to ask specific questions and follow up with items covered in other Sessions, such as Group Sessions.
  • Your Group Instruction will take place in a Group of other students at your level of progression in the studio. So if you are a Beginner, you will be placed with other Beginners and so on. Partners are not necessary for our Group Sessions and we encourage you to use these often as they fortify what you are learning in your other Sessions.
  • Your Practice Party is your chance to apply what you are learning in your other elements of instruction. These Sessions are open to the entire student body. We simply open the floor for general dancing so you may practice in a more relaxed, casual but realistic environment in which you will apply floor etiquette and crowd navigation.

As an outside, but important, part of your Social & Ballroom Dance Instruction, our Social, Practice, & Competitive Events will be an important part of your overall learning. These events will occur regularly throughout each year and will be held outside of the studio. Think of them as Dancing Field Trips!

We will be hosting Dinner Dances, Showcases & Spotlights, as well as small and large scale Competitions! These will be held both locally and abroad, and will present every student with the opportunity to either participate or spectate. When you are out on the town with us, you are constantly getting better as a social dancer, and you are steadily gaining the confidence and comfortability to be the dancer you have always envisioned!
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